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BUY ONE, GET ONE 30% OFF! - Automatic discount!
EzyTone Detox Patches (90Pcs) - Engineracing
EzyTone Detox Patches (90Pcs) - Engineracing
EzyTone Detox Patches (90Pcs) - Engineracing
EzyTone Detox Patches (90Pcs) - Engineracing
EzyTone Detox Patches (90Pcs) - Engineracing
EzyTone Detox Patches (90Pcs) - Engineracing

Quickslim EzyTone Detox Patch

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Tired of trying all slimming products in the market but you still haven’t achieved your dream slim body? Slimming won’t work if only done outside the body. In order to lose weight you need to also detoxify from the inside. How? With the help of our EzyTone Detox Patch! This is a magnetic patch that removes all your unwanted toxins and fats in the body.


It doesn’t only help you lose your excess weight but it also speeds up lipid metabolism and cleanses the body with the help of its innovative transdermal patch technology.

The botanically based Magnetic Slimming Detox Patches, with innovative transdermal patch technology, speed up lipid metabolism and cleanses the body. These Patches stimulate the lipid metabolism for breaking downstage of fats.

It works with bodies own endocrine system, which includes the glands that control the body metabolic rate; by increasing this rate the body burns up the fats, carbs, and sugars that cause excess weight. Slimming Detox Patches also actively block the uptake of further fats and increases blood circulation.

These Detox Patches also help to remove the toxins already built up in your body. Purchase Engineracing`s Magnetic Slimming Detox Patches for a very affordable price, save a fortune for yourself, and guarantee your improved health!


Our Traditional Chinese Medicine Slimming Patch infuses active herbal goodness through your navel to maximize weight loss and fat-burning according to acupuncture principles. 

Contains various precious herbal essences, which naturally remove impurities and toxins from stomach and intestine, as well as speed up fat absorption.  

Combined with Ancient Chinese medicine with modern transdermal technology, this botanically based slimming patch speeds up lipid metabolism, and regulate channel of meridians and collaterals.



  • Traditional Chinese acupuncture therapy combines transdermal technology
  • Inhibits the absorption of dietary fats and calories
  • Eliminates bloatingstomach pain, and exhaustion
  • Relieves gassiness and swelling
  • Lose weight, slim down, and increase energy levels
  • Regulate Meridian and keep expel internal dampest warmness
  • Stimulates the lipid metabolism for breaking down storage of fats
  • 100% safe & botanically-based, no side effects 
  • Hypoallergenic adhesive with no irritation to skin


Magnetic Slimming Detox Patches have the following product features:

Ingredients: Cassia seed, Poria Cocos, Maythorn, Immature Bitter Orange, Traces of Plant Extract

How to use: 

1. Directly attached to the navel, it is best to use a warm towel to warm the navel before use, which is more conducive to absorption.

2. Use 1 piece per day. It is recommended to use at night, usually about 8-12 hours, which can effectively prevent and inhibit the synthesis of fat and accelerate the decomposition and elimination of fat.

3. If your skin is sensitive to adhesives, you can apply some moisture around the navel before using the patch. This is a basic problem that allergies can solve.

Note: Product is for external use only. Do not use if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or suffer from skin allergies. Do not use on damaged skin and if irritation occurs. For even better results, try a two-month course.

Package Includes: 90 pcs  EzyTone Detox Patches.



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