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Teeth Orthodontic Trainer - Engineracing
Teeth Orthodontic Trainer - Engineracing
Teeth Orthodontic Trainer - Engineracing

Teeth Orthodontic Trainer

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Are you noticing your child’s teeth are getting a little crowded?  Or are you concerned about a deep bite they are developing? There are options available instead of waiting for braces!

Teeth Orthodontic Braces is a pre-orthodontic treatment that can straighten your child’s teeth sooner and without braces. It’s a natural approach to straightening teeth while your child is still growing.

It is designed to deal with these incorrect habits by teaching children to breathe through their nose, rest the tongue correctly in the roof of the mouth, swallow correctly and continue widening the jaws so they grow to their full and proper size.



  • Wear the orthotics all night and 1 – 4 hours during the day.
  • Wear when you study, read, watch TV, use the computer, or work. After using, please wash and store it in the matching box.
  • When you wear it for the first time, the front teeth will feel uncomfortable, this is a normal phenomenon. If there is an obvious pain, you can reduce the wear time of the orthotics, and after the sensitivity disappears, you can return to the prescribed time.


  • You must wear it while you sleep, even if it falls out of your mouth and fall out of it because of your tongue or breathing through your mouth.

  • Once the appliance is kept in the mouth all night, the treatment will be more effective. If you can't wear it at night, please increase the usage time of during the day.

  • Most of the time, the mouth should be closed. When the brace is in your mouth, keep your lips closed and use your nose to breathe.

  • Remember to place the tip of the tongue on tongue blocking, even if you do not wear it.

  • The improvement of the dentition should be seen within a few weeks after wearing. Remember, the corrective effect is the need for long-term adherence and perseverance.


Made of food grade silicone material, which is non-toxic, oddless, healthy and safe.
No color change, it will maintain the original color and not turn to yellow, whenever how long you use it.
Groove design can fit the surface of the teeth well to allow for normal breathing and protection of your teeth during exercise.
It can reach to rear molars, to provide complete protection.
Invisible color, you can witness tooth change process.
It can improve facial shape to promote the normal development of jaw.
Can be used as a late addition maintaining for some tooth problems.

Material: Silicone
Suitable For: Phase I + Phase II
Tray Color: Transparent
Weight: Approx. 20g
Type: Teeth Tray
Function: Correct Crowded Irregular Teeth


How To Use:
1. Hold the trainer with tongue tag up.
2. Place the trainer into the mouth.
3. Keep tongue positioned on the tongue tag.
4. Gently bite down on the trainer.
5. keep lips together and breathe through nose.

Package Include:
1 x Teeth Tray 

Flat Heel Boots, Flat Heel Boots
Flat Heel Boots, Flat Heel Boots

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